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Dear Hall of Famer:                                                                                         September 21, 2017
The Greater Washington Fast Pitch Softball Hall of Fame Commission (Commission) has been in existence since1964 and has hosted 52 Awards Banquets and recognized 331 individuals for their accomplishments and their contributions to fast pitch softball in the Washington, DC area. The last banquet was hosted on November 5, 2016.  That banquet was a marginal success as we recognized 8 deserving individuals and had nearly 150 attending the event in honor of those inducted. 
The Commission is in the planning phase for the next banquet but is facing many challenges that make it very difficult to hold a viable and successful banquet. These challenges not only relate to the financial aspect of holding a banquet but also relate to the challenges of finding viable candidates who are deserving to be inducted. It is increasingly difficult to find documentation of careers and accomplishments worthy to support the induction of individuals.
In recent years the level of participation by men in fast pitch has decreased significantly and the DC Sunday Softball League is the only league in the area where men still play.  The women continue to be active through high school and college but even their options for participating are limited after that time. 
We have over the years inducted many umpires and organizers who have been contributors to the success of fast pitch softball, but as the participants in the game has decreased so has the potential pool of organizers and umpires.
We are at a crisis point where we need to make some tough decisions. Several years ago we made the decision to hold the banquet every 2 years. That decision proved to be wise as we were able to identify additional individuals worthy of induction and hold the 2016 banquet. 
There are other options that we are considering relating to the viability of HOF and what role the Commission plays in the future. These are:

  • A complete shutdown of the Commission.
  • Temporarily suspend the induction process until we have a pool of candidates deserving to be considered for induction into the HOF.
  • Work to have one last banquet in 2018 in honor of all individuals who have been inducted into the HOF.
  • Keep the Commission active and periodically hold some form of social get together for HOF members.
Many ideas are being considered but we want to hear from you as we plan the future. Any recommendations and suggestions would be greatly appreciated, including recommendations for candidates to be considered for induction into the HOF.
A few years ago the Commission solicited input from HOF members but we received very little response. The purpose of this letter is to again seek input from HOF members on the direction of the HOF. It is important that your opinion is heard.
Please contact a commissioner or use our website: or  to submit your ideas as to how we can best serve fast pitch softball and you in 2018 and beyond. 
Finally, in order to ensure we have the correct contact information please provide us with your address, phone number and email address at our listed website. 
Thank you for your support through the years.
Alonzo Johnson Chairman, GWFSHFC

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