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Al Johnson - Chairman

Al Johnson, Chairman, a 1993 hall of Fame Inductee, has served as Vice - Chairman from 1995 to 2011, and now serves as the Commission's Chairman.  Al played in the Guy Mason, D.C. Sunday Softball and the Prince George's County Leagues for a period of 28 years.  Twenty-five of those years were spent with the Anacostia Satellites where Al played every infield position as well as captained, coached and managed the Satellites.  He has received many awards during his career, including most valuable player and manager of the year.  He was an exceptional infielder and won a number of golden glove awards and had a lifetime batting average of 275.  He was particularly adept at bunting with 2 strikes on him.  During Al's career, the Satellites participated in 11 championship series, winning 6 of these championships.  He can best be remembered as a player who was able to complete at the highest intelligence level.  He was a student of the game, a natural leader and the ultimate player.  During his last 3 years, Al was a player/coach for the Beltway Bombers.  The Bombers played in two championship tournaments and was awarded honors from the Beltway League Classic and the Bull Roast Championship Tournament.  Among the accolades Al has received are induction into the Greater Washington Fastpitch Hall of Fame (1993), induction into the DC Sunday League Fastpitch Hall of Fame (1993), and the Stephens-Lee High School "Wall of Fame," and currently serves as Chairman of Greater Washington Fastpitch Hall of Fame Commission.

J. A. "Doc" DeBenedictis - Vice - Chairman

J.A. "Doc" DeBenedictis - Vice Chairman, a 2005 Hall of Fame inductee, has been a commissioner since 1998.  Doc is still active in local leagues and tournaments.  He also has been head coach at The Academy of The Holy Cross in Kensington Md., Catholic University of America, Georgetown University, and pitching coach at George Washington University. Has been a sponsor of Kitty Hawk Softball and The Potomac Drillers. Doc continues to support fastpitch softball by participating in clinics, private lessons, coaching,  and serving on The Greater Washington Fastpitch Softball Hall of Fame Commission.

Tom Holland - Secretary

Tom "Dutch" Holland - Secretary-Treasurer, a 2002 Hall of Fame Inductee, has  served on the commission since 2005.  Dutch's career has spanned three decades playing with some of the top area teams.  These include Suburban Investigators, P.G. Merchants, Kitty Hawk Softball, Roos, Roos Masters and Pike Shell.  During his career he played in the 1979 A national tournament, won the Central Atlantic Regional Class A Championships twice, won the DC Metro/State A Championship 9 times and participated in 3 ASA Master's Tournaments.  He continues to support softball by his service to the Hall of Fame Commission.