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Commissioners (Under Construction, Pictures to follow...)

Jack Collins - Past Chairman

Jack Collins - Past Chairman,  Commisioner At Large, a 2000 Hall of Fame inductee has served as Chairman of the Commission from1995 to 2011.  Jack has been a "pioneer" for softball spanning a 63 year career as an outstanding Coach, Manager, General Manager, and Sponsor for some of the areas most prolific teams.  These teams include PEPCO, Talbert's Furniture, Greenbelt Road Shell, Roos Fastpitch Club, and The Roos Masters team.  His teams participated in 19 Metro/State Tournaments, 7 National Qualifiers, and 6 National ASA Tournaments.  Jack has participated in the Industrial Leagues, Independent Leagues, ASA  B, A -  Majors, Masters, NSA and ISC organizations.  He has been a Commissioner of the Hall of Fame since 1984 and has served as the Chairman since 1995.

Nick Argyropoulos - Past Chairman

Nick Argyropoulos - Past Chairman, Commissioner At Large, and a 1987 Hall Of Fame Inductee.  He has served the Commission since 1977 and has held officers positions as Secretary, Treasurer, and Chairman (1988-1994).  A member of the Commission for 32 years and continues to support fastpitch softball by his dedicated service to the Commission.

Kerry Joseph - Commissioner At Large

Kerry Joseph - Commissioner At Large, has been a commissioner since 2005. Kerry was a fast pitch player for several years while serving in the U.S. Army.  He began his umpiring career in 1976 while stationed at Walter Reed Army Hospital in Washington, D.C..  His umpiring resume includes two ISC World Tournaments, Five ASA National Championships, three NJCAA Championships, and numerous ASA Regional Championships.  He is internationally certified with the ISF, and is an ASA Elite level umpire in both Fast pitch and slow pitch.  He is a member of the prestigious ASA Indicator Fraternity Softball Umpires Association and is responsible for training and evaluating approximately 120 umpires.  Kerry  also umpires in the National Professional Fast Pitch League (Washington Glory) and a variety of youth fast pitch leagues and tournaments. He is an excellent role model and mentor for both new and veteran umpires.

Jackey Brown - Commissioner At Large

Jackey Brown - Commissioner At Large, a 1998 Hall of Fame Inductee, has been a commissioner since 2010. Jackey "I am the greatest" Brown played softball from the age of 8 years old through programs at the D.C. Department of Recreation.  She went on to play in the Prince Georges League and the Guy Mason League.  Her travel team was the Metro's.  Jackey also coached for many years in the D.C Public School system serving as a Softball, Vollyball, and Basketball coach.  She has umpired for over twenty years and has worked several Metro Men's and Women's Nationals.  She is the first and only female to umpire the D.C. Sunday Softball League.  Additionally, she has coached in the Men's Division as the Senator's coach guiding them to two State Championships, a consolation finish in the 2007 National Tournament, and a D.C. Department of Recreation Sunday League Chempionship.  She continues to stay involved with softball as an umpire.

Dave Gould - Commissioner At Large

Dave Gould - Commissioner - At -Large, a 2008 Hall of Fame Inductee. Dave has served the commission since 2009.
He began his playing career in Dunkirk, NY and has had a 38 year span from 1970 to present. He had a 400 batting avg. over a 10 year span and was a feared hitter, first baseman and competitive young pitcher.  He shifted to the Washington, D.C. area in 1980 and played with the Kitty Hawk Softball team where he saw action at 1st base, catcher and pitcher while batting over 300.  Dave has played in the ISC World TY (1982), multiple ASA National (1990), Regional and Metro tournaments, and the  NAFA World tournament (2005).  In 2006 he began playing in the historical DC Sunday Softball League with great success and was selected to the DCSSL Hall of Fame in 2017.  Dave has coached also, at Catholic University (1992-1994) Cantilly High School (200-present) and continues his involvement in fast pitch softball by participating as an instructor in camps, clinics and as a private instructor.