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Nomination Proceedures

Consideration for recognition by the Hall of Fame.



  • Name of eligible individual must be a matter of record in the hall of fame "Library" of the same year prior to their being proposed for nomination.
  • All individual selectees must first be determined to be eligible by the established Greater Washington Fastpitch Softball Hall Of Fame Commission criteria. 
  • At the regularly scheduled March meeting, copies of the contents of the "Library" shall be available to each commissioner for their review.  No nominee will be considered if their name and credentials are not available at that time.
  • At the regularly scheduled April meeting, the commissioners, by closed ballot, will nominate individuals for induction that year.
  • The nominees will be selected in the following manner:
  • Each candidate must receive a vote of 75%  or more to be elected.
  • No vote will be made with less than 75% of  commissioners present.  
  • No deviation from this proceedure will be permitted unless it is changed by the commission membership.
  • See Link to Nomination Format page below.

Link to Nomination Format: