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About Us

The Beginning:     On July 8th, 1964, five area softball enthusiasts conducted the first meeting of The Washington Metropolitan Softball Hall of Fame Commission.  Their goal was to draw up the rules and regulations to govern the conduct and operation of the Commission.   The group included: former players Walter Smith, William Lamb, and Bob Heinbaugh; former player/organizer Morris Beale; and umpire John Davidson.

The Purpose:     The Commission was created to honor those who have played a major role in the growth, development, and promotion of fastpitch softball in the Greater Washington, D.C. Metropolitan area.  In addition, the Commission seeks to bring to the attention of the public the value of the game of fastpitch softball.

Commission Membership:     Membership into the Commission is by appointment and shall be comprised of not more than 15 members who shall be identified as the Commission.  The Commission shall elect its own officers.  Commissioners shall serve a three-year term, and are eligible to serve successive terms upon a majority vote of the Commission members.  Commissioners shall serve at the pleasure of the entire Commission and can be removed only for good cause following a hearing.  A Commissioner, after having provided meritorious service for three or more years, may be instated as an Associate Member upon expiration of active service, or for demonstrated cause.

Method of Induction:     Selection and induction into the Hall of Fame is by annual action of the Softball Hall of Fame, Inc.  The Commission is empowered to consider, approve, and elect nominees into the Hall of Fame.  Nominations from the public are encouraged using the approved submission format on the submissions page found in the main menu*(see link below).  The nomination of a candidate requires the submission of an official Hall of Fame Biography of fifty words or more to be received not later than the March meeting of each year.  Posthumous nominees are also encouraged.

Eligibility:     To be eligible for the Fastpitch Hall of Fame, nominee(s) presented for consideration must be classified in one of the following categories:

Player:     One who has participated and excelled in organized, high-caliber softball competition and resides and or played in the Greater Washington Metropolitan area.
Manager/Coach:     One who has achieved outstanding local performance for a minimum of 10 years, and resides and or participated in the Greater Washington Area.
Organizer/Promoter/Sponsor:     Local performance only.

Umpire:    One who has a 10 year minimum of outstanding performance.

Paid Administrator:    Local performance plus the three-year retirement stipulation.

Special Service Nominee:    Those who have rendered outstanding service to softball within the Greater Washington Metropolitan area. The three-year retirement stipulation may be waived.
Any Deviations Are At The Discretion Of The Commission

Link to Nomination Format:

Our Goals
  • To promote the game of fastpitch softball
  • To honor those who have distinguished themselves in the fastpitch softball community
  • To  recognize players, coaches, promoters, sponsors, umpires, administrators, and all others who preserve the fastpitch softball ideals

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